Students performing a DNA experiment

Ravenna Science Department is top notch

Classes Offered

We offer our students Biology, Chemistry, College Prep Chemistry, Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Science, Plant Science, Animal Science, Agricultural Business, and Agricultural Leadership.  The students at Ravenna are engaged in many hands-on experiments to enhance their science background and make their learning relevant. 

Muskegon REAL Science

Two of the science staff have been trained in the Muskegon REAL Science program.  This program offers districts the use of modern science equipment such as DNA electophorisis, bacterial transformation, chromotography, spectophotometry, the use of centrifuges, micropipets, and many other pieces of equipment that are common in the field of science today. 

State Recognized Agriscience Program

Ravenna has a state recognized Agriscience Program.  We offer a number of Agricultural Science courses for the students and many of the students join the FFA program, which is one of the largest in the state.

Student Participation

Outside of the class room, we have students participate in Science Olympiad, the West Michigan Science Challenge, and the FFA program. 

What does science look like today?

Science today is more than dissecting a worm and a frog.  It is getting students involved in the REAL science of today which is technology and agriculture.   

Science Classes Offered:

General Chemistry
College Prep Chemistry
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Ag Science courses
Physical Science