Medication At School

  Medications can be available and given to students under the following conditions:
  Over-the-counter medications will only be administered according to the manufacturer’s label for
  your child’s age/weight. A Non-Prescription Medication Permission Form must be filled out
  by the parent/guardian. If a greater amount of medication is needed than recommended by the                manufacturer, a prescription or doctor’s note with the doctor’s signature is required. This form can be    found on the website or at Look for Form 5330 F1 Page 1.

  ALL medication must be brought to school by an adult. Do not send medication to school with your          child.

  Prescription medication can be administered at school. A Prescription Medication Permission Form          must be filled out by the parent/guardian along with a Physician Statement Form with the physician’s    address and phone number. These forms can be found on the website
  or at Look for Form 5330 F1 Pages 1and 2.

  All medication must be in its original container with dosing instructions. No baggies or envelopes will      be accepted.

  If your child carries an albuterol and/or epinephrine pen, an Authorization for the Use and/or                      Possession of Asthma Inhalers, Epinephrine Injectors and/or Other Emergency Medications Form               must be completed and on file in the building office.  If you have any questions, please contact your         building secretary.