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Hello Mr. Funk and the Ravenna Public School District/Community/Board of Education,

I write this email with a very heavy heart and very conflicted feelings.  Just minutes ago, I notified Mr. Funk that I am going to be joining the staff at Hastings Area School System.  

First of all, thanks to all of you for the opportunity to become a Bulldog.  Ravenna is a very, very special place, and I felt nothing but love in my brief visits to the community.  I told my wife that every time I left Ravenna, I wanted to turn right around and go back.  You have a special place going on right now, with good people who are student centered all around.

Next, I want to thank the RPS Board of Education for their gift of time while I made the most difficult decision in my life.  I lost much sleep, tears, and even what little hair I had left agonizing over this decision.

Finally, I am praying for your district and that you can all come together and put your differences aside and unite around doing what is best for your kids and long-term success of Ravenna Public Schools.  Your kids and community deserve it.  I know there is some passionate discord in Ravenna right now, but remember that you all have the same goals in mind...making your schools great for your kids.  Please heal and work together moving forward.

I have nothing but love for Ravenna and am truly sorry for the delay and any more stress I have caused your great community.

Thank you very much and God Bless.

Dan Remenap

If you have any question regarding the search you may contact the district's MASB consultant, Mark Dobias via email at or via phone at 269.532.0543.

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